Nutrition for Healthcare Professionals: An Introduction to Disease Prevention is an introductory nutrition textbook designed and written for students majoring in dietetics, nutrition, nursing, health sciences and medicine. This unique textbook does not follow traditional approaches to teaching nutrition; rather, it begins by describing the role of nutrition in human health from historical and contemporary perspectives. The book then focuses on the most significant chronic and nutritional diseases of our time, notably obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, gastrointestinal disease, cancer, and a broad range of nutritional diseases—with specific attention placed on nutritional anemias. Case studies at the end of each chapter are resolved by the author and offer an opportunity to learn basic nutritional assessment skills. It is specifically within the chapter on malnutrition that protein, vitamin, and mineral deficiencies are discussed at the national and international levels. Consequently, the students who study this textbook will develop their critical thinking and clinical decision-making skills.

Nutrition for Healthcare Professionals: An Introduction to Disease Prevention

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  • This is a 287 page (8.5" x 11") nutrition textbook for nursing, dietetic, nutrition, health science and medical students. 

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